Monday, March 29, 2010


Posted here are the 36 custom textures.

Updated Model Draft

An gallery space was added to the model from which access to the above and below studios can be gained.

A support system was added to the above ground studio and gallery. The arms and legs support for the organ system.

Above ground stair handrails were added aswell as an upper balcony area for the artist to work. Within the floor trafficable glazed panels were added to allow light entry to the below studio.

Below ground was extended to include the a second protrusion for natural light entry. The changing steepness of the curved roof represents the differing though connected paths within family life.

Awning added to filter the amount of light entering from the western face in throught the bi-fold doors on the western facade.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My youtube video

This is an animation i made of the Campbelltown Arts Centre which was designed by Tanner Architects. I used Archicad 12 to create the model and Artlantis 2 to animate and render the building. For some reason the video is being cut so its probably better to view on youtube for the complete animation.

Monday, March 22, 2010

2nd Sketchup Model

The model was designed on the concept shown above. The drawings was influenced by the words "Family" as inspired from Patricia Piccinini and "Definition" as inspired from Ricky Swallow.

The second model drawn up in sketchup at a preliminary stage. Only a shell has been developed at this stage. The top portion of the structure represents the word "Family" and for this reason overlooks over the bottom portion of the sturcture. The bottom portion represents "Definition" and therefore i designed to be left open and uncovered with an entry allowing access to the lower ground level into the heart of the studio.

Sketches of stair sections and details as to design the stair to be used in the stetchup model.

Sketchup Model draft 2

Added above are the various sketches that were used to create the stairs within the model. They show the curvature of the tread as well as possible layout of the stairs and support systems.

In the above image the stairs for the above and below studio have been developed. General material themes have been chosen for both levels as well as materials for the stairs. The above will use natural materials such as timber and will have an earthy feel about it to correspond with the human body metaphor of the portion of the structure as well as suit the works created by Ricky Swallow. The below ground will have a more industrial feel to it to suit Piccinini's extraterrestrial type works. For this reason materials such as perforated metal and insitu concrete.

Changes were made to both the above and below ground. The below ground was altered to have a more curved nature within the roof portion to represent the flow of family life; ups and downs. The heiarchy element has been keep with the differing floor levels.

In the above image the below ground has been designed to protrude through the ground level in order to allow sunlight into the studio.

Revised model images of the design with the influence of the words "Pulsating" and "Family".

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sketch Up 1st Initial Draft

Design concept based on the words "Pulsating" and "Family", inspired from work created by Patricia Piccinini and Ricky Swallow.

Sketch up model perspective 1. Exterior view. The designed was created around a "Datum" or zero ground level. The above ground is inspired by the word "Pulsating" and depicts the human organ system and is therefore very curvaceous and flowing. The below ground represents family structure and the heirachy that exists within a family.

Sketch up model perspective 2. Interior View.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Experiment 1 Continued


Family, Nurturing, Personify


Definition, Pulsating, Inspire


Ruralist, Transformed , Intricate

Experiment 1


 Daniel Navarrete ©

The design of the façade was one influenced by chaos; life throwing various challenges at once. What makes the design of the façade interesting is the varying sizes, shapes and colours of glazed panels, arranged at differing horizontal lengths, to convey chaos.


The design of the Campbelltown Arts Centre is an interesting one in itself. Mostly due to its curved eaves leading to huge cantilevered roof. The roof is an extension of the building and metaphorically an extension of welcome to the community; an arm extended to the community inviting them to explore the beauty of the art within, and also to marvel at the masterpiece that the centre itself is.


Daniel Navarrete ©

This is a picture of my two-year-old daughter wearing a pair of high heels. Its interesting how the human psyche functions; young children want nothing more than to rapidly grow up and adults desire to return to their childhood, or at least regress in age. 


Welcome to my blog. What can be found here are various bits and pieces from design studio as part of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies at University of New South Wales.