Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Final Crysis Environment

This is the final design for the bridge and studios as part of experiment 3. On the left hand side is the stuio belonging to Miranda Kerr and on the right to Angela Merkel. The representation on the left hand side incorporated brighly coloured lighting. This was done to create an atmosphere that would represent the model lifestyle of Miranda Kerr and the various aspects that come with that role including the highly social life. The bridge was also suspended between large rock faces that act as the supporting structure. This is indicative of the support each female would require in such positions of power.

This is the office belonging to Angela Merkel. The office is highly structural and is meant to give off an supportive and comforting vibe. The studio is circular to keep with the outer shell design of the bridge. It also represents the sleekness and coolness of such a power player as Angela Merkel. Angela Merkel's studio was purposly not incorporated within the exterior shell and rather took on a strong and supportive role as is her role as the Chancellor of Germany.

This is the office of Miranda Kerr. The studio is situated within the outer exterior shell of the bridge. This skin over the studio was to be an expression of her beauty. Furthermore the studio was wrapped in glazed panelling to represent the fragility of Mirander Kerr in such a position of power where the littlest of scandals could set her on a downward spiral. The studio was left open of internal walls and exit doors to represent the media side of the Miranda Kerr. This shows the how her life is constantly under the spotlight and almost completely open to the media.

This is the meeting space with incoprorated the elevators and dining table and seating. On the right Miranda Kerr's elevator was done in a slim, stylish and sleek design to exhibit her form, the foremost reason she was able to enter and retain her position of power. On the other hand Angela Merkel's seat was designed to be thicker and sturdier again to epitomise her role as a big power in the European regions. The elevators are seated on steel structures that protrude out of the water. This was done to create a feeling of fear and intimidation, two emotions that would be experiences quite often by people in postions of power such as Kerr and merkel. Constantly having to be in the face of the media and responding to critisisms. The meeting space was joined by a path that took the two women to a larger safer area and rose and fell to represent the ups and downs of the any person in the spotlight.

In this image we can see the main feature of the bridge, the exterior winding shell. This was created to represent Miranda kerr and her outer beauty. Something which she uses to overwhelm and futher herself in her position as a role model and ambassador and overall place of power. Beneath the exterior shell is the path and supporting structure of the bridge. This feature of the bridge is representative of Angela merkel. She is the power player and sits in a position that has major influence of the surrounding regions.

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